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Welcome to Take Charge College Recruiting Service!

Our company has been working with student-athletes and their families through the recruiting process for the past 11 years, including:
softball (11yrs), baseball (4yrs), and men's/women's volleyball (2yrs). In that time we have helped our athletes receive over $11.9 Million in Athletic Scholarships. We are now going back to where we started and focusing on softball only.

Our company uses a proactive approach to help student-athletes get noticed by college coaches through email and skills videos.  Being a former collegiate coach and knowing many coaches, I know first hand their time is limited. Each coach's time is very valuable and most do not have time to spend searching through website's that use databases with hundreds of athletes that might not be interested in their program or at the caliber the coach is looking for.  Many coaches do not have the resources to see all players in person as well. 
That is why we're different. With our proactive approach we get the student-athletes information sent out directly to the coach's inbox in the geographic areas chosen by you.  This helps target the geographic area interested and allows the coaches to know who the student-athlete is, that they are looking to play collegiate ball, and why they should consider the student-athlete as a prospect.
We are also able to help with the skills video portion and have filmed over 1,000 of them since 2011! We are also able to travel anywhere in the country for groups/team looking for skills videos.

If you are ready to "Take Charge" of your recruiting process, contact us today!
$11.9 Million

The total amount of athletic scholarships received by student-athletes we have worked with over the past 11 years!

"...Take Charge is Truly the pinnacle of the industry"
Parent of Div. I Softball Commit
No Monthly or Annual Fee's!
Recruiting Packages Start at Only $250

"Take Charge" of your recruiting process today!
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