Common Q&A

Q: Is it too late to start getting recruited?
Q: Am I good enough to play in college and toreceive a scholarship?
Q: I don’t know where I want to go to school, so how do I pick which regions to send to?
Q: Does your company guarantee I will receive a scholarship?     
Q: Can I receive a DVD copy of my daughter’s skills video that Take Charge films?     
Q: Do I have to pay for the package I want yearly or is it a one-time payment?
Q: What is a profile update and how does it work?
Q: Do I need to have a skills video?
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Q: Does your company guarantee my child will receive a certain amount of emails when you send out her profile?
Q: How do you get every coach’s email?
Q: My daughter plays in showcases throughout the year, is this enough exposure for my daughter?
Q: I'm already at a Jr. College but looking to play at a 4-year program, can your company help me?
Q: Why do you pick what Division(s) you will be sending my profile to?
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