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Customize your recruiting package!
Start with our base package which is $250 (1-time fee)
Add up to 5 more regions for $100/ea. (1-time fee)
add additional regions can be added at any time, as needed. 


1-Time Cost:

Base Package Includes:
Custom Profile/Email

1 region
1 Profile Update
Communication with Owner, Christine Summers




1-Time Cost:

Additional Regions can be added at any time. Adding Regions are 1-Time cost and will not need to be paid for again in the future. There are 6 total regions to choose from.


Packages include:

1-Time Payment fee for recruiting package.

Option to add additional regions/profile updates at any time.


Our company, just like any other recruiting company, cannot guarantee that any student-athlete will receive or be offered an athletic or academic scholarship.  We cannot guarantee that you will be offered to be part of a collegiate athletic program either.  We can, however, provide you a great amount of exposure to college coaches by getting your information directly in their email.

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