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We will email you Profile Sheet, Road Map and Contact Sheet once payment is submitted.

  • Includes 3 Regions to choose from

  • Customized Student-Athlete Profile

  • Customized Email about Student-Athlete

  • 1 - Profile Update/Re-Send Out every quarter of year (total of 3 send outs a year) until graduation or committed.

  • Choice of when profile updates are sent out each quarter.

  • Ability to update profile/email 1x every quarter of year with new information/updated schedules/videos.

  • Choice of regions wanting to send to. (Number of regions vary with different packages. Regions listed at bottom of page)

  • Unlimited communication with Owner, Christine Summers

  • Skills Video set for October 6th, 2019

  • Skills Video includes 2 positions, hitting, and running.

Senior Recruiting Package Plus Skills Video

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